What you will cover

  • Benchmark your current communication skills with an online assessment
  • Practice how to start a conversation in a way that opens others to listening
  • Learn how to read minds – understand what other people are thinking and feeling
  • Practice ways of preempting and minimizing interpersonal conflict in the moment
  • Understand how to balance your level of assertiveness
  • Negotiate win/win solutions
  • Learn the best ways to gain compliance
  • Practice delivering negative feedback
  • Learn how to say no
  • Learn strategies for clarifying commitment
  • Practice holding others accountable
  • Obtain tools for helping you choose your battles
  • Apply strategies to make your new learning stick
  • Assess your pre and post-training skills to see an immediate difference

Next Steps

Check events for a public workshop.
Contact us for in-house training and or personal coaching.


Breakthrough interpersonal communication skills

  • Workshop and/or one-on-one coaching
  • How to regularly hit that sweet spot between too much and too little assertiveness.
  • Preempt or resolve conflict, influence others, deliver feedback, coach, negotiate, and master other interpersonal communication skills.
  • Evidence-based communication strategies

Who should attend

This workshop is especially helpful for individuals or leaders who need to use their personal influence to get things done, who work in a high-stress environments, or who work with sensitive people where interpersonal relationships are important.

How it works

Training Option

Small class sizes of no more than 18 to 20 people.

  1. One full-day interactive workshop with skills practice typically from 8:30 to 4:30.
  2. 60-days of 5-minute reinforcement exercises e-mailed to participants over the duration of the program
  3. Three optional 60 to 90-minute booster sessions scheduled in two-week intervals after the initial training session. Includes group-coaching, reinforcement of original material, additional supplemental material.
  4. Optional individual coaching
  5. Optional assessments

Coaching Option

Standard behavioral coaching with one-on-one skill development using workshop materials as support.


Pricing is personalized according to the chosen reinforcement schedule, format, and/or number of participants.