Deliberate Team Development

Deliberate Team Development

What you will cover

  • Create a 90-day action plan
  • Facilitate a New Manager Assimilation activity with others
  • Learn how to develop and leverage relationships
  • Ask the right questions of stakeholders
  • Assess the internal and external factors influencing success
  • Assess and build your team
  • Clarify expectations and set goals and priorities
  • Create your communication plan
  • Develop your message
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Create your own 90-day review
  • Build feedback systems

Who should participate

This workshop is suitable for professionals, leaders, and executives moving up in an existing company or starting in a new company.


You want to make a great first impression, hit the ground running, and create a reputation as a fast-tracking, high-potential leader but you have less than 100 days to do it. Or maybe you just want to maximize your chances of success. Your first 90 days is a coaching program supported by a playbook, tools, and templates designed to guide individuals through the transition into a new position.

How you will benefit

Build your confidence and reduce time wasted building a plan from scratch or worse, making it up as you go. Obtain a detailed playbook with templates and supporting materials that we customize together for your needs as we go. Start early and polish your skills before you move and ace your interview with your 90-day plan already drafted. Learn how to repeat the process to refresh your reputation and renew your impact every quarter. Use your coach as your private sounding board, cheerleader, reference library, and campaign manager during one of the most important periods of your career.

How it works

Initially, coaching might occur more frequently and for longer sessions than in latter weeks. Typically, coach and client meet at least once a week for the first four to six weeks and every two weeks after that for the duration of the 90-day program. 

Next Steps

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