Individualized & integrated. Many coaches are trained in a particular “school” of thought that requires fitting people to their approach. No single coaching or training strategy covers all situations or even all facets of a single situation. The coach must be able to seamlessly adjust to and from a cognitive, developmental, or behavioral approach as required in the moment but integrate them all to produce the desired result with long-term sustainable and visible change in mind.

Long-term focus. Not all coaching is about asking questions. The leader doesn’t always know the answer. Your coach or facilitator needs to know what kind of learning will produce what kind of effect, listen to what works best for you, and be able to adjust whether it’s self-led learning, integrated coaching, habit-reversal processes, practice, or group workshops.

Extra support.  Some coaching and training requires the coach to know some proven leadership processes and behaviors in order to help the client practice them. Your Deliberate Changes coach/facilitator has real-world experience and keeps up with the latest research on leadership and behavior change.


You are an intelligent, highly motivated leader who is tired of:

  • Feeling frustrated
  • Losing your cool
  • Having to defend yourself or justify your behavior
  • Being accused of not understanding people


You’ve already tried training, coaching, and reading books. You need something that works.


  • Individualized development plan
  • DIntegrated learning approach
  • View to long-term habit-reversal
  • Supported by:
    • Wealth of learning resources
    • Leadership experience
    • Expertise in learning and performance


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