What you will cover

Consciously and deliberately apply proven time management principles and processes that minimize waste, optimize efficiency, and maximize effectiveness.

  • Prioritize work effectively and efficiently
  • Apply multiple strategies to overcome procrastination
  • Harness the power of routines to make new time management habits stick
  • Be able to estimate and budget effort to fit time available on calendars
  • Implement strategies for keeping track of tasks
  • Apply proven project management techniques to handle multiple priorities
  • Leverage personal motivation for mastering time management skills
  • Plan ways to manage overall stress
  • Organize physical and electronic work spaces
  • Explain the key principles behind getting things done


Go beyond theory and adopt new habits of self-management and time-optimizing routines to reduce stress and increase productivity. Participants learn how to generate, prioritize, and schedule tasks using project management principles and effective time management processes.

Who should participate

This workshop is suitable for all levels of employees especially those in fast-paced environments that require juggling multiple priorities.

How it Works

Deliberate Time Management is a one-day workshop supported by a series of emails to help participants apply what they learn to the real world in a manageable step-by-step process. Participants bring their to-do lists, calendars, and optionally, their laptops or mobile devices so they can begin organizing their work during the workshop and practice on real-world examples. The recommended group size is 5 to 18 people.

Next Steps

Contact us for a free consultation about an in-house workshop. Check the events page for a public workshop.