Deliberate Team Development

Deliberate Team Development

What you will cover

  • Why change is hard and why we typically fail
  • How to know what you can change and what to work around
  • How the brain learns new behaviors and how some behaviors become habitual
  • How to deliberately acquire desired behavior patterns while inhibiting undesired ones
  • How to use external influences to keep new behavior on track

Next Steps

Contact us for in-house training and or team coaching.


Why doesn’t leadership training stick? If you have been frustrated by the mismatch between your intentions and your actions, then this workshop is for you. It’s the “how” of mastering your own development and the pre-requisite skill to understanding how to influence change in others. Understand why people behave the way they do even when they don’t want to and then use the DC development strategy to influence change. Whether you want to change the way you communicate to others, the culture of your organization, or an operating process, this workshop will give you the skills to make those efforts successful.


Who should attend

Although this workshop is designed for leaders, everyone can benefit from learning how to change their own behaviors and how to change the behavior of others.

How it works

This is a two-hour workshop for individuals or groups that can be presented alone or in combination with another specific development solution. For example, this is excellent pre-work for the Openness to Feedback workshop, behavioral coaching, or Deliberate Dialogue series of workshops.  Call for schedules and fees.